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Web App Development

With extensive experience across software development lifecycle and many projects completed, Lexicon serves as a full stack software services company undertaking end-to-end web app development projects for organizations of any size and deriving exceptional value.

From frontend development to backend coding, from user experience management to data management, from cloud-based apps to on-premise software, we have expertise in all aspects of web application development.

We incorporate next-gen user experience strategy, design and activities into every stage of the application development life cycle, ensuring that end-user needs are central to the entire application development process.

Our well-established technology competencies are centered around .NET, Java, PHP, Python, Django Framework, HTML5, WordPress, AngularJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, ExpressJS, NodeJS, SQL Server, MySQL

We draw upon best practices and most advanced web development tools and technologies to keep you ahead in your respective businesses while maintaining performance and scalability, including:

Bespoke Application Development
We develop custom scalable and flexible enterprise level MVC solutions. We offer complete range of services including schema development, implementation, deployment, migration, and integration to fit the solution as per your business needs.

API Development and Integration
We develop custom API and web services to integrate your system with any type of software.

Platform Migration
We help organizations move their legacy systems to mobile-ready web application solutions.

Responsive Web Apps
We are experts in developing responsive, user-friendly device agnostic front-end using latest HTML, CSS and JavaScript tools and technologies.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Lexicon assists organizations in making the most of the data they have. We offer comprehensive business intelligence and analytics services that works to increase revenue, maximize utility and reduce costs for organizations.

We use popular data visualization tools such as Tableau and R to derive intelligent analytical insights enabling organizations to solve complex business problems and make more out of the data. Organizations benefit from our services including data consolidation through diving deep into analytical processing to real-time visualization:

Customized Reports and Dashboards

We use customized and intuitive reports and dashboards to offer high-level data analysis. Multi-dimensional data reports can be generated from data stored at various locations or in various formats.

Data Visualization

Real-time data visualization distributed through web, mobile and API.

Data Processing

Gathering data from multiple sources and integrating it into a single solution to give real-time insights based on combined data. Data normalization, profiling and cleansing.


Data analytical processing and data mining solutions.

Mobile Driven

User friendly mobile based data analytics solutions for fast business decisions.


We help organizations of all sizes make more out of Salesforce. Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Einstein, Pardot, Chatter, Heroku, Communities, Salesforce1 or AppExchange, we are experts in everything Salesforce.

We are registered Salesforce consulting partner with years of experience in Salesforce® development, customization and support. Being a Salesforce registered consulting partner, we help organizations in planning, designing and implementing complete Salesforce based business solutions.

Force.com Development

We automate business processes through custom Force.com based web and mobile applications.

Salesforce Lightning Development

We have mastered Salesforce Lightning and can help organizations develop, rebuild or customize to meet business needs.

Integration with 3rd party software

We help organizations integrate Salesforce seamlessly with 3rd party software. We are experts in creating custom APIs in their systems to allow easy integration with Salesforce.

Salesforce AppExchange Development

We develop Salesforce AppExchange Apps for easy integration with Salesforce.

Salesforce1 Mobile App Development

We help organizations fully utilize Salesforce1 platform and extend their Salesforce based custom features and business process to mobile.

Migration and Data Management

We help organizations plan an efficient migration strategy to Salesforce platform. We advise best practice and manage Salesforce database for organizations.

Salesforce Implementation Consulting

We help organizations plan and strategize the most efficient way to implement Salesforce.com products elevating their business to next level. Salesforce has many products that come with their own set of attributes and features. We employ our extensive experience for organizations in finding the right Salesforce product, the right feature set and customizations.

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud enables organizations to utilize compute resources as per requirements rather than having to build and maintain infrastructures on premises. We work closely with the organizations to assess their applications for cloud, decide on the right platforms for them and identify the cloud strategy and roadmap for their business transformation and growth.

Lexicon offers support for organizations cloud transformation - consulting, deployment and migration and maintenance.


We enable organizations to deliver data without boundaries by connecting applications and data sources across the ecosystem through cloud-based integration solutions.


Using our expertise, Lexicon delivers custom cloud applications that target private, public and hybrid cloud platforms.


Cloud based computing can be used to analyze and leverage organizations existing business intelligence.


We provide maintenance services for cloud-based applications.

Application migration to cloud

Lexicon offers a flexible, tailored approach to help organizations move infrastructure, apps and processes to cloud so that they could scale it easily along with your evolving needs and save on hardware and support.

Cyber Security Services

Lexicon approaches security as a fundamental component at all stages of the software development lifecycle. Our cyber security services focus on threat detection and response as the top security priorities. We apply latest tools and technologies and engage our security experts to help organizations to lower security costs and prevent future attacks.

We will help organizations smoothly adopt new security systems, procedures and policies to make sure they stay ahead of the security threats and drive efficiency across the organization.

Security Testing

We perform through vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to ensure that organizations applications and infrastructure are free of any loopholes.

Security Monitoring

Our team would keep an eye on what is happening across organizations networks and devices to ensure that attacks are detected and addressed as quickly as possible.

Compliance and Risk Management

Our team will identify and address all the security risks and industry compliance requirements in a way that supports organization’s business goals.

Threat Intelligence

Our advanced threat detection techniques will help organization’s to proactively mitigate threats, inspect them and avoid any negative consequences. We maintain endpoint connectivity and productivity during investigation and remediation without compromising security.

Incident Response

Our security teams track real incidents and remediate them before they spread and causes serious damage. We will help organization’s recover from cyber-attacks with minimum impact as well as take necessary steps to prevent future incidents. We establish complete visibility and an in-depth understanding of how attacks and breaches occur.

Cyber Forensics

Our team focuses on findings of the damage of organization's digital asset. We perform investigation operations on organization's digital asset to find root cause of the impact by using advanced digital investigation tools and techniques.

Testing Services

We help organizations derive and maintain business value by creating the right testing strategy based on proven testing methodologies and best practices.

Lexicon offers a wide range of independent Quality Assurance and Testing services that adhere to the highest levels of security and industry standards. We deliver testing services for a full spectrum of web and mobile applications, including cloud-based solutions and many more. We provide services across specialized industry verticals with complete regulatory compliance to HIPAA, PCI etc.

With well-ingrained QA processes, in-depth knowledge about the latest methodologies, industry-standard testing tools and technologies, we are well positioned to fulfill your testing needs.

End-to-end Testing

We provide organizations with a comprehensive set of software quality assurance and testing services including performance testing, security testing, functional testing, integration testing, regression testing, black box testing, white box testing, environment testing, usability testing, performance testing, stress testing, volume testing, localization testing, compatibility and user acceptance testing.

Web Application Testing

Lexicon’s comprehensive QA and testing practices ensure web applications meet organizations business needs and expectations. Web application testing includes verification of functionality, usability, compatibility, performance, security and compliance adherence. Organizations would derive benefits with increased stability, high performance and reduced time-to-market.

Mobile Application Testing

Our experienced and skilled team is specialized in testing native, HTML5, and hybrid mobile apps Our team tests the reliability, compatibility, performance and user experience of organizations mobile app on all platforms and a wide range of devices across various manufacturers and form factors.

Test Automation

We provide organizations with our test automation services ranging from automation strategy up to automation of regression test suites. We have experience in identifying the right test case for automation, selecting the right tools and optimal set of frameworks which will yield the best ROI.

Consulting Services

Together, we will find the best technology mix that matches your pace, corporate dynamics, strategy, long-term goals and industry regulations.

Our consulting services team help organizations automate and digitalize operations, optimize the software portfolio and implement the latest technologies. Using our expertise and deep tech background, we create a comprehensive IT strategy for a digital and technological transformation of organizations that goes in line with their business objectives.

Cloud Consulting

Lexicon’s cloud consultants are highly skilled and well versed in all types of cloud platforms. Our consulting team helps organizations make the transition from outdated and ineffective IT delivery systems and architecture to a cloud-based infrastructure that streamlines delivery and allows for implementation of new technologies. For organizations, there are multiple cloud service models to choose from. These include IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. There are many deployment models also including public, private, community, and hybrid cloud. Lexicon can verify which applications and IT assets are most appropriate for cloud migration.

Readiness Evaluation

Lexicon documents processes and assesses readiness of organizations systems for implementation of the cloud services. We understand this and make sure that migrating to the cloud works for organizations in their own environment. We perform gap analysis, architecture evaluation, budget estimation as part of readiness evaluation.

IT Strategy Consulting

Today organizations need to implement new technologies to stay competitive and meet the demands of the industry. We help organizations assess their current state of IT systems and develop a high-level technology roadmap that reflects organization’s vision and long-term goals. By constantly exploring new and emerging technologies, we shape up a vision of how they can influence businesses and what market benefits they can bring.

Blockchain Development

Lexicon offers enterprise-grade blockchain solutions, consultancy and custom blockchain development services. We offer a wide spectrum of blockchain development services that cater to diverse organizations. Our experts at Lexicon would assist organizations in discovering various cryptographic techniques to leverage Blockchain effectively and build the most secure network for organizations business.

Our team brings in exceptional skills and proficiency in Smart Contract, Ethereum and Hyperledger Development.

Smart Contract Development

We offer fully scalable Smart Contract development services with a focus on Ethereum and Solidity. We design and develop highly secured coded business contracts for full automation of organizations business process.

Ethereum Development

We help organizations build Ethereum apps which are most sought-after platforms for successful blockchain implementation.

Hyperledger Development

We help organizations unleash the potential of Hyperledger for collaborative development with distributed ledgers. Provision of Hyperledger makes the operation smoother with additional reference to information with security.

Custom Blockchain Development

Our team is experienced and skilled in customized blockchain solutions for specific business needs and solve scalability issue for organizations of any size.





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Our Solutions

Whether you are looking to transform your business, build your online presence or improve your ROI, we build the right solution that helps achieve your goals


Simplify the complexity in healthcare

Lexicon’s integrated mobile solution for doctors and patients allows doctors to monitor patient’s health through vitals data captured via patient’s smartphone. The solution can track patients’ blood type, blood glucose level, height, weight, pulse, pillbox and reminder, pharmacy information, doctor’s names and notes. It can sync with wearables and other Bluetooth enabled health monitoring devices.

At Lexicon, we have the experience, expertise and capability to help you innovate and transform your healthcare practice. Some of our focus areas in Healthcare:

  • Connecting doctors and patients
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Electronic health records
  • Improve clinical outcomes
  • Healthcare infrastructure management and hosting
  • Healthcare analytics and business intelligence
  • Manage patient care services with greater efficiency
  • Robust reporting

Real Estate

Sales and digital marketing platform

Lexicon’s real estate sales and digital marketing solution allows sales and management teams to track on cloud and via mobile devices. Properties could be sold or leased using CRM solution. With our custom CRM solution, companies in the Real Estate would stay ahead of the competitors at every stage. Some of our focus areas in Real Estate:

  • 360° Customer View
  • Maintain and track properties
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Collaboration
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Reporting
  • Project and payment milestones
  • Project-specific pricing policies
  • Call-Center Integration


Solution for fundraising and program management

Lexicon’s solution tailored for nonprofit organizations helps make social change by measuring outcome and impact. Built on our deep nonprofit expertise, our solution enables organizations data, program, communications, back-office functions and fundraising on one common platform. Nonprofit organizations can benefit from using solution to improve their programs, fundraising and achieve mission.

With Lexicon’s Nonprofit solution organizations would be able to:

  • 360-degree view of the entire operations
  • Better manage relationships with Donors, Partners & Affiliates
  • Track corporate or organization donors
  • Record donations, including memberships and recurring donations
  • Record tasks, events, meetings and calls related to any contact, donation, or grant
  • Improve fundraising
  • Better manage programs and beneficiaries
  • Better volunteer management
  • Automate workflow
  • Reduce grants lifecycle from start to finish
  • Manage mass email and newsletters
  • Integrate with accounting and other 3rd party systems
  • Store and organize documents and files
  • Analyze and visualize data to make funding choices
  • Robust Reports & Analytics


Solution for assessment

Lexicon developed an interactive e-learning solution that comprises a set of tools to collect and manage user data, track and administer user activities, courses, evaluation tests and manage content. Process efficiency would increase via integration with payment gateway, website, alumni portal, online feedback, workflows etc.

With Lexicon’s Education solution organizations would be able to:

  • Comprehensive overview of users learning activities
  • Manage end-to-end online and offline user training
  • Designed for self-learning
  • Secure collection, storage and distribution data
  • Integration 3rd party systems
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Manage & track enquiry-to-applicant-to-admission process
  • Trigger Email & SMS alerts to applicants/students
  • Content Management
  • Automate manual data processing
  • Enhance their clients’ coaching experience

Public Sector

Analytics solution for Public Sector

Lexicon’s solution for public sector organizations help manage extensive amount of raw data that is collected and generated and provide them with actionable insights. The solution is equipped with robust data management, data visualization and data analytics features combined with high level of customization allowing organizations to minimize operational errors and prevent financial loss. Our advanced predictive and risk modelling solution will streamline organizations decision-making and planning processes.

With Lexicon’s solution, public sector organizations would be able to:

  • Simplify decision making with interactive visualizations of your data
  • Dashboard and interactive charts and graphs with drill-down business insights
  • Data aggregation and integration from a variety of sources and visualization in the most intuitive format
  • Establish citizen-centric service model
  • Transform existing processes into a set of automated rules
  • Increase the outreach of the services in terms of both geographical locations and number of citizens served


A complete enterprise solution

Lexicon’s complete enterprise planning and customer relationship management solution tailored for manufacturing industry allows production, procurement and sales teams to track on cloud and via mobile devices. The system improves communication with customers, partners, and within the company, facilitating information sharing across the distributors and manufacturing facility. With our custom solution, companies in the Manufacturing would be able to optimize production schedules, minimize inventory investments and increase sales. Some of our focus areas in Manufacturing:

  • Efficient sales, orders, and customer information management
  • Enhanced communication capabilities
  • Production planning
  • Track Bill of Materials
  • Manage Inventory
  • Contact and Time Management
  • Event Management
  • Product Pricing

We are Lexicon

We love making great things happen

Lexicon Infotech Limited is an ISO 9001: 2015 company headquartered in Hyderabad, India. Since our inception in 1999, Lexicon had been delivering software development and related IT services to businesses across the globe.

We combine proven methodologies, business domain knowledge and technology expertise of 70+ skilled software professionals to deliver high quality solutions. We follow a consultative-driven approach to help businesses adopt technology transformation.

At Lexicon, we offer strategic and technology consulting, development and support services in key areas of web and mobile applications, user experience design, cloud, analytics, customer relationship management, customer experience management, business intelligence, data migration, artificial intelligence, IoT and quality assurance.

Lexicon is dedicated to developing effective partnerships with businesses in order to accelerate their time to market, reduce operational cost, improve efficiency and empower them to focus on their core business.

At Lexicon, we ensure that customers’ get what they want regardless of the nature or size of their business. We do not just deliver the services, we engineer them to perfection and that meet customers’ needs, business and budget expectations.

Our culture is driven by our core values that pushes us to act with integrity and provide services professionally. More than engaging customers’ and solving their business problems, it's all about making customers' smarter. From consulting to day-to-day operations, everyone within Lexicon works towards our customers’ success.

Our Vision

To be a leader among global software companies with focus on outperforming in every customer engagement by implementing innovative solutions, a customer-centric approach and outstanding professional service.

Our Mission

To contribute to our customers' success by providing the best in class professionals, methodology and solutions.

At Lexicon, we are offer strategic and technology consulting, development and support services in key areas of web and mobile applications, user experience design, cloud, analytics, customer relationship management, customer experience management, business intelligence, data migration, IoT, cyber security and quality assurance.

Our Values

Our values make everything we do worth our while, and yours. Lexicon is committed to provide software products, solutions, and services of the highest quality standards that comply with industry best practices to meet our customers’ requirements.


We help customers’ overcome technology challenges of transformation with focus on new and emerging technologies.

Customer Focus

In decisions and actions large and small, we always focus on our customers' needs.


We are easy to work with throughout the entire implementation.

Complete Transparency

We promote fairness in action, out of the box thinking, and an ideal blend of technology and teamwork.

Continuous Improvement

We promote an organizational culture of continual improvement to achieve operational excellence and core competency in delivering best-in-class solutions and services.

Quality First

Lexicon has a track record of building high-quality, software solutions for its customers.

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